Elba Hernandez
Coldwell Banker Realty

Client Success Stories

I am passionate about making my clients’ real estate dreams a reality. And I love to negotiate because it serves my
client’s best interest. These are just a few of the ways I have helped my clients succeed. 


Martha Escobar


Thomas Lypka


Jose Gregorio & Beatriz Ayala


Sabrina from Italy

Pricing to Entice in Surfside

In order to get the best price for a seller in Surfside, I listed the home for $1,650,000 knowing that the price would
start a bidding war. Sure enough, we received over 20 offers in less than 3 days, asking for the highest and best offers
and succeeded in getting the seller a CASH offer of $1,857,000 with no contingencies.


Attorney Michael Arroyave

Getting Full Asking Price in Cash

I had a client that needed a cash offer on a North Miami listing priced at $1,500,000 in order to invest in another property.
We received a cash offer for $1,400,000 which the seller wanted to take, but I asked him if I could negotiate that up for him.
He wasn’t sure that he could get more than that, but I was able to get him the full asking price of $1.5 million in cash.
Since then, this client has invested in over 13 properties with me.


Carlos Alberto from Brazil

Preparing My Listings for Success

I listed a property for $515,000 that was on the market for a long time with no offers. It was clear to me that the condition of the
property was turning potential buyers away. After preparing it for showings myself and adding a personal touch,
I got my client $528,000 within 5 days.


Finding an Investment Property